Perth and Districts Multiple Birth Association inc. is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by a committee of VOLUNTEER parents of multiple birth children. Visit the About section to learn more about our Association. :-)


Upcoming P&DMBA Rooms opening Times:

Starting the 8th January 2016, rooms will be open on Fridays from 10.30-12.30.



Volunteers Needed

Perth & Districts Multiple Birth Association Inc. has partnered with the Multiple Birth Volunteer Support Foundation to provide practical support to a Perth-based family expecting quintuplets in April. We are seeking volunteers willing to join a roster to help the family care for their babies. Email support@pdmba.org.au to register your interest

volunteer support PDMBA


The Christmas Picnic was a great success again this year! Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who organised the event and helped out on the day, and also to the businesses who donated prizes for our raffles :-)



 Celebrating 40 years of friendship, information and support!

For over 40 years, the Perth & Districts Multiple Birth Association has been supporting West Australian families through their special journey of raising twins, triplets and more.

Our member families come from all walks of life and are keen to share advice, information, and support other multiple birth families.

 You tube Videos

Check out our You Tube videos that celebrate the joys of multiples.
For the first we asked parents “What are the best things about having twins or triplets?” and the second one asked parents “If you you could go back to before you had your multiple birth children, what advice would you give yourself?“.

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